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A New Method to Enhance Smoking Materials


Blending sprays are used to homogenize the flavor of smoking products in the tobacco industry. 

A new application of this technology is capable of changing the main ingredients of smoking material.

Companies can provide the ultimate composition of the smoking material, achieving various desired goals. 


The secret to a great tasting smoking experience is consistency. Companies use blending to smooth out and remove product harshness to deliver a mellow flavored experience.

Now Cannabis Companies are adapting these techniques to provide a more consistent product and stubble onto breakthroughs.


Many consumers enjoy the effects and flavors Terpenes provide, but have no access to cannabis. Botanically derived terpenes formulated to cannabis strain concentrations is a technological breakthrough as they can be shipped internationally.

More customers can enjoy their preferred flavors internationally.


Flavoring Hemp, Cannabis or other smokable leaves is simple provided you use safe food grade flavoring, water and propylene Glycol/Cryo Butane. 

Once mixed in correct concentration/temperature and sprayed onto the dry leaf, the propylene Glycol/Cryo Butane traps the flavor into the leafs and evaporates, leaving the terpene flavoring intact.

Complementary chemicals can be added allowing for more control over the final product.



Keeping your product the same from harvest to harvest can be a bit exasperating , not to mention trying to keep up with product shelf-life, etc.

On an industrial scale keeping cannabis fresh and mold free is critical. Infusing a dedicated terpene formulation can extend the shelf-life.

Each curing formulation is precise and unchanged from season to season, reducing inconsistencies in the final product post curing.

Blending can improve many smokable products and provide consistency to cannabis companies that want to scale.

Post Production

Premixed terpene infusion products allow the consumer to infuse terpenes into their favorite smoke product.

DIY infusion kits allow cannabis strain terpene flavors to be sprayed on Damiana, Mullein, Hemp, Tobacco or Marshmallow leaves. Cannabis that has been sitting and degrading can be revitalized with fresh terpenes and cannabinoids.

Using these sprays cannabis compounds can be applied to hookahs, pipes and blunts.


Hemp (not psychoactive cannabis) is legal in many places. Unfortunately, hemp is grown for industrial purposes, taste is not a consideration. Infusing hemp with terpenes can balance and refine the smoking experience. The result is a nicotine free smoking product with all the favored tastes of cannabis without THC. Adding distillate to the terps and spraying on CBD biomass makes decent THC cannabis.

Infusing terpenes has implications on the entire industry from the consumer level to international corporations. As terpene infusion gains popularity, it paves the way to better and more efficient products.