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Terpenes for Vaccines

In spite of widespread agreement regarding the desirability of oral vaccination, the approach has met with considerable resistance. This seems to be due to doubts regarding the efficacy of orally administered vaccines. Concerns over immune response mounted after oral vaccination is harsher than that achieved by injection. In reality, attempts to compare efficacy of injected and oral vaccines directly are not entirely valid, as the two routes initiate immunity in different parts of the body, and engender types of immunity different in qualitative rather than simply quantitative terms. 

There is a general perception that mucosal immune responses are short‐lived. This may, in part, be the result of observations on systemic immunity generated after Oral Administration, where cells enter via gut to the bloodstream and focus locally. 

Another concern is that pre‐existing immunity to the viral carrier may impair their ability to function as vaccines.Research shows a correlation between increased volatile terpene content and the decline of defense responses produced by the T-cells. Ingested cannabis can therefore be used to improve oral administration of vaccines.

Terpenes may also have potential as an oral vaccine carrier. This particularly makes sense bearing in mind that oils have been used as the basis for parenteral adjuvant formulations for decades, at least in experimental studies, in the form of Freund’s complete and incomplete adjuvants, where mineral oil is taken up by phagocytic cells, and appears to have a stimulating effect in its own right. A number of oil‐containing injectable vaccines are currently on the market, but in these formulations the antigen is located outside the oil droplets. For formulations administered orally, where the antigen needs to be protected from digestive enzymes and carried by the droplets. 

Terpenes interact with the Endocannabinoid System and help control our immunity. Harnessing the knowledge available is enough to design many new Terpene Applications