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Fighting Viral and Bacterial Infections

As is so often the case the best offense is a good defence. Preventive medicine cut cost and saves lives. Cannabis has opened up many practicle applications for improving clinical conditions. Treatments vary in competition delivery method and availability depending on application.

Killing Harmful Bacteria

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is an antibiotic resistant form of bacteria.
Scientists discovered that CBG, which has no psychoactive properties, is highly effective at eliminating MRSA microbes and “persister” cells that are responsible for repeat infections.

Fighting Viral Infection

The mode of antiviral activity has been determined. beta-Pinenene and Limonene reduced viral infectivity of various strains.  Monoterpenes revealed only moderate antiviral effects. The results show that treating cells prior infection or immidiately after entry of virus into cells can prevent infection by direct interaction with free virus particles.
The resaech suggest that monoterpenes exhibit synergetic activity in the early phase of viral multiplication and might be used as potential antiviral agents.

Increasing Immune Response

The Endocannabinoid system is partially responsible for regulating the immune response Cannabinoids Terpenes and Flavonoids can increase our immune functions and prevent viral and bacterial infections.

Some terpenes stimulate the innate immune system by enhancing our phagocyte response to pathogens.

Reducing Symptoms

Cannabis can act as a bronchodilator and open the airways of the lungs by relaxing bronchial muscles. fighting bronchial irritation with full spectrum oil including alpha-pinene, a known bronchodilator, could support easier breathing and reduce theorasic distress.

Delivery Methods

While production and Scalability are the main influencers of the market delivery method is also being debated. It is important to follow a good hyginic path of production unhynered by pathogens all the way down to the consumer or patient. Some current habits and methods are not best suited for homoginizing treatment and keeping infection at Bay. It is up to practitioners and consumers to be fully informed.