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Cannabis Nomenclature

Different cannabis types and their derived consumer products are commonly referred to as ‘strain’ names. These names often relate to fragrance attributes conferred, at least in part, by terpenes.

Terpenes are strongly inherited and little influenced by environmental factors. Kush strains are predisposed to having high Myrcene concentrations. Terpene profiles have been widely used as biochemical marker in chemosystematic studies to characterize plant species,however, plants exhibit dynamic biochemical changes when attacked by diseases, herbivores or abiotic stresses.

Cannabis has a complex terpene profile, which is theorized to increase its therapeutic effects. Terpene profiling is used for both product quality testing and Strain Identification. These complex and sometimes problematic compounds are challenging to analyze, but experts have developed qualitative GC methodology for Terpene Profiling that fits easily into required laboratory workflows. To keep things simple, the GC terpene profile analysis.

Synergistic Effect appears to stem from the perception among cannabis users that different ‘strains’ have different physiological effects. There is no doubt that the large chemical space of thousands of plant terpenes and terpenoids includes many biologically active molecules. 

Various effects that are attributed to cannabis terpenes in humans require more research. While some of the effects of the Cannabinoids have been scientifically explained, there is a great deal of uncertainty about the effects of cannabis terpenes and metabolic pathways in humans.

Until recently, regulations have hindered research. Lifting some of the legal restrictions on cannabis, allows to build stronger scientific knowledge of the genomic, molecular and biochemical properties that define terpene and cannabinoid profiles in different cannabis ‘strains’, and supports the development of a well-defined cannabis profile classification. 

We are slowly beginning to fully understand the hidden benefits of terpenes so they can be utilized in a wide range of applications.