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Basic Legalization Terms You Need to Know

Drug liberalization is the process of eliminating, reducing or updating cannabis laws. There are numerous models to consider. These varying cannabis models satisfy various stakeholders. In order to better understand the added value of any reform, the terminology must be clearly understood. 

Cannabis Normalization deals with moral implications of cannabis use. When is cannabis beneficial? Where should cannabis be obtained? What are the benefits of industrial hemp? How should cannabis be regulated? In which situations is it appropriate to consume cannabis? The process aims to rewrite prohibition laws to reflect Society’s Current Values

Rescheduling cannabis is a crucial step towards cannabis normalization. Currently cannabis is designated Schedule 1 and considered to have no therapeutic value despite ample Evidence of the contrary. This designation makes it difficult to conduct research or consume. Rescheduling would allow the government to recognizing cannabis, but wouldn’t legalize

Decriminalization refers to reducing or eliminating criminal prosecution. Many normative citizens with recreational or medical cannabis use might be fined, provided rehabilitation or added to surveillance lists.    

Regulating the Cannabis Market allows cannabis distribution to be controlled and taxed appropriately as any other business. Regulating the market allows access to the international banking system and scaling opportunities. 

While there is a need in regulation and Safety Protocols, over-regulating can be devastating. Limiting production, overtaxing and unreasonable requests/requirements promote anti-competitive behavior, low profit margins or overpricing. Incorrectly legalizing cannabis can stomp industry growth and research.

Deregulation of cannabis refers to removal of Regulations and Restrictions. Some are concerned that allowing home grown cannabis will wipe out the bigger cannabis companies. The reality is that the market is big enough to allow everyone to benefit.   

Allowing home grow for personal use fully liberates and legalizes cannabis.

It is up to the regulator to find a balance of regulation that ensures safety while allowing for a free competitive market with scaling capabilities. 

Several locations that completely deregulated and legalized cannabis have noted diminished adolescent use, boost in productivity and lower violent crimes.

Many are aiming to use the public’s naivety to secure special interests. It is up to citizens and corporations to act responsibly.