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Carene Terpene Profile


Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool and Pinene are widely recognized terpenes. There are many other terpenes with potential to revolutionize industries, and are known to carry an array of medicinal benefits.

Delta-3-Carene is a terpene which is produced by plants secondary metabolism. Specifically, Carene is a bicyclic monoterpene found in various sources including pine, basil, black pepper and cannabis . 


It occurs as a constituent of turpentine along with pinene, camphene and terpinolene. Like some other Botanically Derived terpenes, Carene is chiral, existing in both alpha and beta rotations; occurring naturally both as the racemate and enantio-enriched forms.


Carene has a sweet and pungent odor, best described as citrusy and earthy aroma with piney undertones. Carene’s pine citrus taste is used across the food and beverage industry to augment savory and sweet tastes.

Dermal Absorption

In cosmetics, 3-carene is used for its dermal absorption properties. Products such as ointments, creams and soaps utilize terpenes to perform their functions.  Transdermal Medicine delivery methods relay on variants or synthetic versions of Carene.

Medical Benefits

3-Carene is beneficial to those suffering from advanced respiratory diseases such as bronchitis. It is known to decrease inflammation and fungal infections. 3-Carene may also show properties that promote bone health. This terpene holds an important role in the overall medicinal potential of cannabis. Oral administration of 3-Carene increases the sleep duration and reduces sleep latency.


Since this terpene is not Water Soluble, but miscible with fats and oils it is used throughout industry. Acting as both a solvent and material for organic synthesis. 


Delivery methods include oral, dermal, inhalation or ingestion . Carene at high doses can cause irritation, but it is fairly quickly metabolized. It is very important to dilute this terpene to appropriate concentrations. The concentrations vary according to the application and delivery methods. 

Chemical Properties 

Formula: C10H16

Molar mass: 136.24 g/mol

Density: 867 kg/m³

Boiling point: 338 °F 170 °C

Chemical Structure

3-Carene Chemical Structure