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Rescheduling of Cannabis

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes is prohibited in most countries. There is intent of companies to satisfy demand, but the road forward is unclear. It is time to act objectively and determine the Future of Cannabis.

This is a direct quote from the FDA

“There is a significant interest in the development of therapies and other consumer products derived from cannabis and its components, including cannabidiol (CBD). FDA recognizes the potential opportunities that cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds may offer and acknowledges the significant interest in these possibilities. However, FDA is aware that some companies are marketing products containing cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds in ways that violate the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) and that may put the health and safety of consumers at risk. The agency is committed to protecting the public health while also taking steps to improve the efficiency of regulatory pathways for the lawful marketing of appropriate cannabis and cannabis-derived products.”

There is much to be done towards Legalization so cannabis companies avoid loopholes and produce Cannabis Flowers and Associated Products.

Such attempts to penetrate the market early stems from market-share ambitions combined with consumer egress. 

It is important to note that cannabis consists of many Beneficial Compounds with varying effects on biological systems.

Currently, cannabis is the only Schedule 1 drug that the DEA prohibits from being produced by private laboratories for Scientific Research. The strict regulations make it difficult to conduct studies.

While most agree that cannabis should be legalized to allow for consumer autonomy, some seek to game the system instead of allowing a free market.

New Regulation and requirements should be objectively reviewed. Unfair transport needs, loan requirements or information gathering should be discouraged.

Discrimination against consumers and producers should not affect prospects. Monopolies on this rediscovered market should be discouraged. 

Historically Cannabis was regulated under The USDA as an agricultural crop able to produce Plastics, Fibers and Textile. Cannabis is a natural and useful crop.

As a society we have made great leaps in technology and lifestyle. We have proved that when changes need to be made they are. There are no objective reasons cannabis should not be legalized and deregulated.  

It is unclear what is hindering international cannabis rescheduling and legalization.

It is time to end this costly game of cat and mouse. Let the cannabis market be part of future development.