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Biotechnology in the Cannabis World

As the Cannabis Market grows, biotechnology is taking an increasingly important place in that market.

From research-driven improved medical delivery systems to a more enjoyable recreational experience.

Genetic Engineering 

A manipulation of the genetic code (genome), it can be done to either plants or animals. Since 1970 various cannabis genetic experiments have yielded potent effect based strain.

Manipulating individual genes and specific parts of the plant DNA, cannabis could be genetically modified in a way which would selectively favor production of certain cannabinoid compounds

Genetically engineer a cannabis strain that yields ultra high levels of the whole spectrum of cannabinoid chemicals. The aim will be to extract and isolate them into individual Cannabinoids on an industrial scale

Unlock the Medical Potential of Cannabis 

Many are aiming to patent specific cannabis cultivar and aim to improve phenotypic traits and claim intellectual property for commercial purposes. There are two ways in which it can be achieved, the fist is genetic hybridization and the second is gene manipulation.

Genetic Hybridization

Process of interbreeding individuals from genetically distinct populations to produce a hybrid. A genetic hybrid would therefore carry two different alleles of the same gene.

Gene Manipulation

Often referred to as genetic engineering, it is a general term for any method which manipulates the genetic material. Gene manipulation includes gene splicing, use of recombinant DNA, CRISPR  and PCR

Genetic Diversity 

Since favorable traits are encouraged the loss of genetic diversity can threaten genetic diversity leaving cannabis vulnerable to Environmental Changes, such as weather, bacterial and viral infections. The more diverse cultivars there are, the more resistance cannabis becomes.

Environmental Impact 

Plant populations that possess variations of alleles are suited for the changing environment. Those plants are more likely to survive to produce offspring bearing that allele.

Without genetic diversity cannabis is more likely to perish.

By studying cannabis genetics, we are not only improving the weed genetics, we can also protect it for future use. In order to do that clear road-map of development needs to be cataloged.


The need for an accessible Database can help geneticists have a vision and improve cannabis’s favorable traits while accumulating data that can help predict trends and insure the plant’s survival.
Using rapidly developing yet common techniques can give Cannabis Startups an edge over the competition if stand art best practices are used. As more research is being adopted to the cannabis market, it is important to Share the Knowledge rather than profit from it.