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Cannabis and Social-Distancing

It doesn’t seem likely that the quarantine spurred by the Coronavirus outbreak will end for most of us very soon. 

While businesses deemed essential and allowed to stay open getting weed right now might be difficult.

The head of the United Nations narcotics enforcement agency questioned whether international drug control conventions are out of date, stating “We have some fundamental issues around the conventions”. Unfortunately the Covid-19 hit early 2020 before proper correction to legislation had time to penetrate.

Many normative working people have come to rely on a steady supply of cannabis through various channels. 

Many of these individuals are making a forced lifestyle change. Some are afraid of the epidemic,others care for their environment while some are simply scared of law enforcement during these uncertain and unregulated times. 

While working through digital channels is the natural transition, many are afraid for their privacy right. There are many examples of antitrust and anticompetitive practices prior to the Corona Outbreak. These behaviours strengthen with the increased use of digital platforms. In the State of Israel the government announced surveillance of personal online activities and locations. 

If the countries representing the people do not value privacy rights, how can you expect corporations who are often bigger and more influential than the government to comply.

Since cannabis is still not legal internationally many are too afraid to get this essential crop.

Debates are currently being held internationally regarding social distancing steps, steady food supplies and monetary compensations. It is surprising that during such a crucial time, these professionals don’t take mental health into consideration.

Despite claiming to work only through legal channels, many products roll into unofficial channels. Many of the regulated cannabis companies are feeling a slump.

We would like to ask our international audience (Personal and Commercial) how they restock and how long their supply would last.