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Cannabis Product Development

Terpenes are an integral part of cannabis and act on the body to produce many favorable effects. They help regulate the Endocannabinoid System and are used in an array of products. Utilizing terpenes in products requires several considerations.


Consumers who want more flavor, aroma and plant-based effects are looking for vape cartridges and infused products with terpenes added back in.

Typical Cannabis Extraction processes are geared toward separating out common Cannabinoids like THC and CBD from raw plant material.

As the more discerning cannabis consumer knows, something is missing when you vape or eat marijuana that lacks terpenes. For craft beer geeks, it would be like quaffing an India Pale Ale without hops.

Vape or edibles companies aiming to capture that consumer looking for the whole-plant experience should seek out firms that extract cannabis terpenes. A more limited, but less expensive, option is a botanically derived version.


What is the product aiming to do? How will Terpenes improve your product?

Terpene research specific to application and delivery method is essential.

Terpene source (cannabis versus botanical) will affect the product delivery. Botanical terpenes will allow for a wider market as it can be shipped worldwide.


Botanical terps are much cheaper to process and formulate, but they are limited in what they can achieve.

Most terpene formulations offer about 30-50 different botanically derived terpenes. By using scientific methods such as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, formulators can isolate the strain-specific cannabis terpenes and produce similar formulations from botanical sources.

Extraction companies can source Myrcene and other terpenes from common plants or trees to build that flavor and aroma profile.

Physiologically, a terpene from cannabis or from clove oil, work similarly.

Botanical Terpenes

Why not just extract the terpenes straight from the cannabis plant?

It’s possible, and it’s arguably better to do it that way, but it’s far more expensive.

Comparing terpene profiles from botanicals to cannabis extracted. The complexity of cannabis extracted derived terpenes is greater than Botanically Derived Terpenes, however, the cost and scalability prohibitive.


Consistency is really important, customers get the same experience every time they use your product.

it’s difficult to create an exact, reliable terpene profile from cannabis. 

In order to gain customer loyalty consistency is essential.


Some people think of terpenes as simply flavoring or added aroma, but they also create a reproducible effect.

Terpenes produce calming, anti-inflammatory or pain management effects.

It is possible to re-create a product (vape pen) that gives your customer a specific, positive effect, every time.

Researchers are not able to identify everything that’s in the cannabis flower, but can identify what’s beneficial to somebody based on trial and error. Identifying and sourcing compounds is the first step in formulating profiles.

Terpenes Build Brands

Terpenes are not just a scent, they provide balance and build an experience for many types of products.

Proper research should be done during product development.

It is important to keep products consistently providing desired effects.

Cannabis companies can use terpenes to produce a specific, effects-based brand.

Botanical terpenes are cost efficient, consistent and scalable.