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Alkaloids Therapeutics

Phenolics, Terpenes and Alkaloid

Plants, such as cannabis, produce an amazing variety of organic compounds over and above their everyday components and metabolites. The secondary compounds are derived from everyday components, but are not central to metabolism. An example of this is THC.

 In addition to the phenolics and Terpenoids. Particularly important and diverse are the alkaloids which are nitrogen containing cyclic compounds. This class includes many useful chemicals, such as: caffeine, nicotine, atropine and quinine.


Quinine, traditionally used as a muscle relaxant is found in bark of Cinchona trees.

Quinine has been used in unextracted form by Europeans since at least the 17th century.  It was first used to treat malaria during the 1940s.

Natural product-derived compounds have played a major role in Medical Treatment discovery.

Chloroquine is a more active semi-synthetic derivative of quinine. Hydroxychloroquine, the less toxic version, is an appealing option mainly because it’s an off-the-shelf drug. Companies know how to make it, there are low-cost generic versions available, and the drug has already been tested and approved for use against malaria and to treat inflammation in conditions like arthritis.

The drug has recently been used to treat corona-virus patients in China and in France, where some researchers said it showed Great Promise, though more trials would determine if it really works safely.

Invitro research shows hydroxychloroquine slowdown of infection from Covid-19. These results are preliminary.

Interaction with Cannabis

Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta9-THC) enhances quinine palatability and reduces the rejection of intra-oral delivery of quinine

Quinine increases some side effects of cannabis, such as drowsiness suggesting .

That it’s activity within the endocannabinoid system adheres to the principles of the Entourage Effect and helps to regulate the CB1 receptor.

Cannabis is Essential

There is much to learn from nature. Cannabis dispensaries are being deemed as “essential businesses,” as they are allowed to remain open under state emergency orders. Regulators world-wide can note.

If Quinine dose end up curing Covid-19 it will serve as an example of how nature is very important for future medicine.

Chemical Properties 

Formula: C20H24N2O2

Molar mass: 324.42 g/mol

Density: 120 kg/m³

Boiling point: 495 °C

Chemical Structure