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Cannabinoid Toothpaste

An effective toothpaste requires Antibacterial  Analgesic and Whitening  properties combined with a flavorful brushing experience The use of terpene menthol in toothpaste is not uncommon. Using other compounds found in cannabis can improve current oral hygiene products. Mint Terpene  A mixture of Terpenes; the basic constituents of these formulations are L-Limonene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, … Continue reading Cannabinoid Toothpaste

Active Compounds of Cannabis

Cannabis contains over 500 distinct compounds, which include cannabinoids, flavonoids, nitrogenous compounds, amino acids, hydrocarbons, enzymes, terpenes, and more.  These compounds altogether contribute to the unique pharmacological function. Terpenes Responsible for the aroma of cannabis and other flowering plants. Studies have shown terpenoids to have diverse physiologic effects, and Terpenes may be contributing to the … Continue reading Active Compounds of Cannabis

Cannabis Product Development

Terpenes are an integral part of cannabis and act on the body to produce many favorable effects. They help regulate the Endocannabinoid System and are used in an array of products. Utilizing terpenes in products requires several considerations. Audience Consumers who want more flavor, aroma and plant-based effects are looking for vape cartridges and infused … Continue reading Cannabis Product Development

Cannabis Nomenclature

Different cannabis types and their derived consumer products are commonly referred to as ‘strain’ names. These names often relate to fragrance attributes conferred, at least in part, by terpenes. Terpenes are strongly inherited and little influenced by environmental factors. Kush strains are predisposed to having high Myrcene concentrations. Terpene profiles have been widely used as … Continue reading Cannabis Nomenclature

Myrcene Profile

Myrcene derives its name from a Brazilian medicinal shrub called myrcia sphaerocarpa. The scent is characterized by its earthy, musky, clove-like and pungent. Aside from cannabis, it can be found in basil, mangoes and other plants . The unique therapeutic effects may contribute meaningfully to the Entourage Effect. Myrcene synergizes the activities of terpenes and … Continue reading Myrcene Profile


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