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Forms and Delivery Methods of Cannabis Isolates

Cannabinoid Isolates Highly pure isolated cannabinoid. There are no other Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids. Pure cannabinoid is highly concentrated and needs to be diluted prior to use. Cannabis is the only plant that produces cannabinoids safe for human consumption. THC Isolate  Delta-9 The most common cannabinoid referred to when talking about cannabis. THC interacts within … Continue reading Forms and Delivery Methods of Cannabis Isolates

Ginger and Its Constituents: Natural Aspirin and More

A new line of Terpenes Ginger has been effectively used in Traditional Medicine. Research supports and substantiates its results. New findings are unveiling a wide range of clinical applications for phytochemicals found in plant-roots. More research can unveil many new benefits. Specifically, ginger (Zingiber officinale) contains a mixture of Volatile Oil that consist mainly of … Continue reading Ginger and Its Constituents: Natural Aspirin and More

Possible Benefits of Cannabis in Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Recent studies have highlighted a number of potential health benefits of cannabis as a diabetes treatment and suggest that cannabis compounds can produce the following physiological effects: Phytocannabinoid have been shown to reduce intraocular pressure considerably in people with glaucoma. Epidemiological data suggests that patients with diabetes are at increased risk of developing glaucoma/retinopathy, caused … Continue reading Possible Benefits of Cannabis in Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Ethnoecology of Cannabis

The cross-cultural study of how people perceive and manipulate their environments.  Cannabis Classification  Cannabis is classified in the plant family. Likes to live in disturbed areas with some sunlight.  Monecious plant that has male and female sex. Females can produce hundreds of seeds when fertilized. THC levels drop when fertilized, many growers use sinsemilla (without … Continue reading Ethnoecology of Cannabis

Cannabis Marketing Explained

The cannabis industry has been expanding, new products, dispensaries, grow supplies and medical research are all gaining interest. The legal framework is shifting almost daily does not stop investors, researchers, and entrepreneurs from entering the field. Exposure remains a hurdle on the way to Scalability.  Advertising platforms are having a hard time keeping up with … Continue reading Cannabis Marketing Explained

Pinene: Medical BENEFITS and Chemical Characteristics Outlined

Pinene belongs to a bicyclic monoterpene chemical group and has two molecular forms: alpha-pinene and beta-pinene. The two are identical except for molecular arrangement affecting the optical rotation and accounting for their different characteristics and actions.  In nature and in cannabis profiles, alpha-pinene is more prevalent than beta-pinene.  Alpha-pinene Alpha-pinene is responsible for the distinctive … Continue reading Pinene: Medical BENEFITS and Chemical Characteristics Outlined


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