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420 – The Unofficial Holiday

Apart from cannabis-oriented festivities, this holiday represents inclusiveness, self acceptance, achievements and unity.

Test Your Cannabis at Home

The cannabis market varies dramatically from location to location. Some markets are over regulated while others operate in the shadows. No matter the source of your cannabis, several analysis methods can be conducted at home to ensure an enjoyable smoking experience. Primary Analysis  Scent Inspection  The first inspection that should be performed is a scent … Continue reading Test Your Cannabis at Home

Cannabis 2.0

What is cannabis 2.0 Cannabis 2.0 refers to production and sale of edible cannabis, cannabis extracts and cannabis topicals including infused beverages, pastries, gummies and various other products. Cannabis Edibles  Orally ingested doses are processed by the digestive system and liver prior to entering the bloodstream. Ingested cannabinoids are absorbed slowly, have delayed effects and … Continue reading Cannabis 2.0

Rescheduling of Cannabis

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes is prohibited in most countries. There is intent of companies to satisfy demand, but the road forward is unclear. It is time to act objectively and determine the Future of Cannabis. This is a direct quote from the FDA “There is a significant interest in the development of … Continue reading Rescheduling of Cannabis

Homegrown Cannabis Safety

Safety Cannabis safety is often cited as the primary reason why people avoid growing their own cannabis, but that’s frequently an illusion. Cannabis manufacturing companies claim GMP and lab analysis reduce contamination, but no empirical data is shown as to the efficiency of these practices. Food-borne illnesses are almost as likely to be caused by … Continue reading Homegrown Cannabis Safety

Eucalyptol Properties

Cineol This Monoterpene is a cyclic ether with a fresh, minty scent and a spicy yet cooling taste. Uses  Eucalyptol’s pleasant, spicy aroma and taste, is used in a variety of Products including; flavorings, fragrances, and cosmetics. Eucalyptus oil has natural antimicrobial and antiseptic properties used in household cleaning, natural pesticides and Mouthwash. Source  Eucalyptol … Continue reading Eucalyptol Properties

Genetically Modified Cannabis

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms are a topic of contention and controversy in modern agriculture. For cannabis, the technology, ethics, and implications of Genetic Modification can have an impact on future production. Cannabis products show remarkable growth and acceptance into the mainstream. It is important to understand the impacts that GM crops may have on … Continue reading Genetically Modified Cannabis

Introduction to Terpene Science

1.1 What are Terpenes? Terpenoids are biomolecules made up of multiple isoprenes (Hydrocarbons). These terpenoids can be linear, cyclical, or both. When a terpenoid is modified with a functional group it is referred to as a terpene. Terpenes are categorized by size. C5H8 Monoterpene (C5H8)2 Sesquiterpene (C5H8)3 Diterpene (C5H8)4 Sesterterpene (C5H8)5 Teterpenes, and so on. … Continue reading Introduction to Terpene Science


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